Peter Schottleutner is 

a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. 

Most of his childhood memories have music attached to them. 

He was ecstatic to learn how to sing harmonies at an early age, 

and took up playing the clarinet as his first instrument.  

Then the guitar.  

Pete has always loved the music that shaped 20th Century pop culture:  

Benny Goodman, Elvis, the Beach Boys, Beatles, to name a few.  

Growing up as a wanna-be cowboy in Colorado has never escaped his heart. 

After a decade lived in Nashville and the deep South, Pete took up the bass, 

then pedal steel guitar to keep his music fresh and his chops versatile. 

After moving to India, he studied Hindustani classical tabla for two

years under the guidance of Pandit Vinod Pathak Ji. 

Peter remains dedicated to creating new compositions 

as well as providing music production and assistance to musicians 

who are shaping the 21st century. 

He currently works in New Delhi, India 

with his wife and three sons.